Steam Hair Mask (2PCS)
Steam Hair Mask (2PCS)
Steam Hair Mask (2PCS)
Steam Hair Mask (2PCS)
Steam Hair Mask (2PCS)
Steam Hair Mask (2PCS)
Steam Hair Mask (2PCS)

Steam Hair Mask (2PCS)

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Parched ends and frizzy roots? Reach for Steam Hair Mask!

Steam Hair Mask is a scientifically proven treatment for damaged hair, coarse hair, split ends, unmanageable hair & fragile hair.

The essence-infused cap-shaped mask applies thermal steam technology to tightly lock the natural heat & moisture of your just-washed hair with a nourishing complex, which delivers a 5X faster repair result and moisture boost to produce rich, silky & voluminous hair without frizz.

Featuring an optimal blend of B-vitamins, rosehip oil & argan oil, the hair mask instantly injects long-last nutrition, hydration and life into your strands and roots to restore overall scalp vitalityrepair & strengthen the hair from the inside out.


  • Silky Smooth Hair
    Transform damaged hair, coarse hair, split ends, unmanageable hair & fragile hair into silky, smooth hair. 

  • Salon-Grade Treatment
    5X faster repair effect
    , no extra equipment or tool is required. Comes with an essence-infused cap. Just wrap it on for 20 minutes for an instant hair repair! 

  • Thermal Steam Technology
    When it increase to 34.3°C, essence penetrates to scalp. After 4 minutes, it will turn to 35.6°C and open hair follicles. When reaching 37.2°C, hair roots is hydrated and nourished deeply.


  • Visibly Tames Frizz & Split Ends
    Restore scalp & follicle health, last for at least 3 weeks. 

  • Moisturizing Blend of Transformative Nutrients
    Cure and nourish hair by providing essential nutritions. For example Argan Oil, Vitamin B & Rosehip oil.
  • Mild PH Value
    Prevent excessive hair grease while performing excellent water-oil balance.
  • For All Types of Hair
    Ideal for straight, wavy, curly, colly and even dyed hair. Restores curl bounciness or enhance smoothness and shine of straight hair.


  1. Lift hair up and wrap hair mask on head. Effect can be better after shampooing with a bit damp
  2. Adjust the hair mask depending on your head size
  3. After 20 minutes, remove and rinse hair mask


  • Weight: 35g
  • Size: 20 x 10 cm


  • 1 x Steam Hair Mask (2PCS)