Perfect Matte Grease Absorbing Mini Stick

Perfect Matte Grease Absorbing Mini Stick

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Instantly absorbs excess oil on the skin for shine control; excellent on-the-go beauty product!

A volcanic stone is rolled across the face to absorb excess oil instantaneously, resulting in fresh, shine-free skin at all times.

The true volcanic stone has the power. Its unique absorbing capabilities attract oil like a magnet and rapidly mattify your skin.The Perfect Matte Grease Absorbing Mini Stick is definitely perfect when your makeup is starting to build up oil and makes your face look greasy without ruining it!

It's extremely portable and light. Put it in your bag for rapid oil management and shine-free skin on the move. Look fresh and get matte in a flash.Very fast and amazing results will be seen right after using the Perfect Matte Grease Absorbing Mini Stick. Keep your skin glowing and looking fresh!

It is reusable, as opposed to blotting sheets. To clean, twist the ring and remove the stone out. Wash with a mild cleaner, rinse, air-dry, and replace.

Product Dimensions: ‎ 2.91 x 1.49 x 5.75 inches
Package Inclusion: Perfect Matte Grease Absorbing Mini Stick (x1)