Grinder Disc
Grinder Disc
Grinder Disc
Grinder Disc
Grinder Disc
Grinder Disc
Grinder Disc

Grinder Disc

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Makes Your Woodworking Projects Easier!

The Grinder Disc takes the muscle work out of cutting, carving, removing, and sculpting of wood, plastics, ice, and hard rubber with the speed. The blade is held in place between two steel plates which provide a secure grip for cutting, carving, removing, and sculpting. This grinder chain disc is great for curved work, like the inside of bowls and fast waste removal.


    The 4-inch diameter chain 22 tooth fine cut carver can cut in any direction while making the smooth cut, providing a smooth "finished" surface which is great for minimal sanding afterward.
    Great for curved work, like the inside of bowls, cutting discs, resin metal cutting wheels for plywood, melamine, wood, stone, metal, plastic cutting, and fast waste removal.
    Made of durable steel carbide. Chains can be either be sharpened using a chain saw file or replaced as need be.


  • Diameter: 100mm
  • Arbor: 16mm
  • Maximum speed: 25000rpm
  • Fits for:  4"(100mm) or 4-1/2"(115mm),5" angle grinder
  • Material: Carbide


  • 1 x Grinder Disc

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